Our Story

Welcome to our Design Studio!

Gia Unera Designer Apparel was born from Gia's God given talent
and passion for design and fashion. She started designing clothes at
the age of 4, drawing her pre-shool teacher in avant garde outfits,
and created doll clothes at the age of 7 using handsewing techniques.

Gia graduated from West Valley Fashion School in California,
and has worked with top fashion designers, creating designs,
samples, fashion illustrations, patternmaking, production of
samples to product development for all their needs.
Her love for fashion and arts grew into a career and has
founded her own creative design studio for her designs and
creations. In limited quantities and not mass produced, exclusively
designed and created by the designer herself, Handmade in the U.S.A.

We believe that every garment is a piece of art.
Handcrafted by the designer, every piece's mission is
to bring out a woman's natural beauty and charm in carrying
her true self with confidence and love.

GUD apparel is a fusion of fashion and art, a woman of free spirit
and elegance, styled with glamour and artistic flair, with a
bit of chic, fancy, bohemian and everything in between.

GUD apparel and design studio is committed in providing our
customers quality workmanship for each garment we produce.
Each and every garment is created with only 1 to 3 pieces
of inventory per season, holding true to our belief
of preserving the uniqueness of each style,
veering away from the mass producible practice.

Our design studio is offering creative services for your individual
needs in fashion and style, with your distinctive taste that is uniquely you.